Job Summary

Responsible for reading, interpreting, and singing lyrics during a performance or recording session. May work in an ensemble, as a solo artist, in a choir, as a backup singer, in operas, on Broadway, or other musical theater.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Sing lyrics during performances with the goal of entertaining audiences.
  • Convey emotion including joy, sadness, revenge, heartbreak, or conflict in songs.
  • Sing different styles, including pop, jazz, rhythm and blues, rock, or country.
  • Arrange instruments to accompany vocals, such as piano or saxophone.
  • Apply knowledge of harmony, melody, rhythm, and voice production during numbers.
  • Rehearse with ensemble or director of production.
  • Train or prep voice using different melodies and ranges.
  • Project voice so all of audience can hear.
  • Observe director's cues on stage.
  • Study and memorize music.
  • Provide backup vocals.
  • Record demos of songs in studios.
  • Work with producers to fine-tune songs or albums.
  • Collaborate with a manager or agent who handles administrative details, finds work, and negotiates contracts.
  • Research roles.
  • Collaborate with creative directors to improve the sound and style.
  • Go on tour with band or independently to promote music.
  • Perform at festivals, theatrical productions, concerts, coffee shops, bars, or other venues.
  • Give voice lessons to students interested in learning the art of singing.
  • Write lyrics to songs.
  • Commission songwriters to write lyrics.