Quality Coordinator

Job Summary

Responsible for monitoring and improving upon the quality of manufactured products. Tests, measures, and evaluates manufactured products such as toys, cars, clothing, and electronics.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Inspect products on manufacturing line for flaws or defects.
  • Test items by analyzing size, weight, chemical composition, and components.
  • Experiment with products to determine reliability and if it will withstand wear and tear.
  • Improve upon materials and parts used in production process.
  • Ensure production process meets industry standards.
  • Create reports of quality control tests and analyze the data to determine if any changes in the production process are necessary.
  • Develop and implement quality improvement activities and policies.
  • Fulfill documentation and reporting requirements for the Quality Management program.
  • Develop educational materials.
  • Provide external customer support.
  • Develop and maintain a system for outcomes measurement
  • Determine if program is achieving its goals.
  • Develop performance improvement targets for quality, service, and efficiency.
  • Implement systems to ensure that services conform to regulatory requirement.
  • Conduct surveys to solicit feedback.
  • Perform statistical analysis and data analysis.
  • Assist with quality control audits.
  • Investigate, monitor, document and report on quality of care and service issues.