Gaming Change Person

Job Summary

Responsible for assisting patrons at a gaming establishing and exchanging money, credit, or chips or making change. Counts cash flow and audits cash drawer periodically. Keeps records of all monetary exchanges.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work near slot machines to quickly and efficiently help patrons exchange money for gaming chips, tickets, or coins and to make change when necessary.
  • Issue payoffs when patrons win games.
  • Record monetary exchanges, authorization forms, and transaction reconciliations.
  • Maintain cage security.
  • Secure customers' authorization on receipts if winnings are larger than the slot machine can hold.
  • Determine chip values after winnings or losses.
  • Sign or verify the customer has been paid.
  • Sign and verify that a booth cashier issued the jackpot money to the customer.
  • Put blank jackpot sheets directly into the slot machine when a patron hits the jackpot.
  • Reconcile daily summaries of transactions to balance books.
  • Count down the bankroll with a shift manager or supervisor.
  • Push cart around slot area and frequently attend to guests.
  • Call for help when machines malfunction.
  • Sign and verify fill slips.
  • Work alongside supervisors and dispatchers for jackpots.