Carpenter Assembler or Repairer

Job Summary

Responsible for performing a variety of carpentry tasks, including building prefabricated buildings and affixing siding.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Perform small to medium-sized jobs on construction sites.
  • Repair hinges, locks, cranks, and other objects.
  • Apply stain or paint to cover freshly repaired area.
  • Study blueprints and work with construction manager.
  • Fill cracks, depressions, and seams.
  • Examine and repair wood, concrete, and stone surfaces.
  • Check for nicks and blisters.
  • Align windows to fit casements.
  • Use cranes to position walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Cut sidings and moldings.
  • Utilize hand and power tools for various jobs.
  • Measure and cut materials according to specifications.
  • Use scrapers and sponges to remove blemishes and defects.
  • Trim wood edges using power saws.
  • Sand surfaces.
  • Install prefabricated windows and doors, insulation, wall, ceiling and floor panels or siding
  • Determine style and type of window or wall panel required.
  • Perform repairs as necessary.