Job Summary

Responsible for preserving and storing important records, documents, and artifacts. Prepares document for storage and ensures it is filed in its proper place for future retrieval.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Select documents and books for public display.
  • Archive or store documents according to its category, including as accession lists, indexes, guides, bibliographies, abstracts, and microfilmed copies of documents.
  • Oversee the arrangement, cataloguing, and exhibition of collections.
  • Maintain collections with technicians and conservators.
  • Acquire important documents from universities and museums for display.
  • Preserve documents appropriately.
  • Prepare items for permanent storage and display.
  • Describe, catalogue, and analyze valuable objects.
  • Perform research on objects or items.
  • Coordinate education or public outreach programs.
  • Advertise display of item or artifact.
  • Coordinate tours, workshops, lectures, or classes.
  • Work with the boards of institutions to administer plans and policies.
  • Handle records and documents retained because of their importance.
  • Handle objects with cultural, biological, or historical significance.
  • Collect, organize, and maintain wide range of information for safekeeping.
  • Maintain photographs, films, video and sound recordings, and electronic data.
  • Preserve paper records, letters, and documents.
  • Maintain records to ensure the long-term preservation and easy retrieval of documents and information.
  • Utilize various storage mediums including film, videotape, audiotape, computer disk, or DVD.
  • Utilize computers to generate and maintain archival records.