Agricultural Technician

Job Summary

Responsible for performing experiments in an agricultural laboratory. Maintains laboratory, conducts experiments, assists scientists, and records data.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Collect crop samples for analysis.
  • Record data from experiments.
  • Perform research.
  • Care for animals within laboratory.
  • Take soil samples and check for nutrients.
  • Check pH of soil.
  • Clean, maintain, and supervise the use of testing equipment.
  • Prepare culture media.
  • Prepare data summaries, reports, and analyses that include results, charts, and graphs in order to document research findings and results.
  • Operate spectrometers, nitrogen determination apparatus, air samplers, centrifuges, and pH meters.
  • Store samples so nothing gets contaminated.
  • Care for livestock by providing food, water, and baths.
  • Plant seeds.
  • Count resulting plants to determine percentage of seeds germinated.
  • Oversee pest or weed control initiatives.
  • Check plants for disease.
  • Identify pests or fungus plaguing plants.
  • Propagate standard varieties of plant materials.
  • Collect and germinate seeds.
  • Conduct insect surveys.
  • Apply chemicals using proven methods.
  • Train operators.
  • Maintain cuttings of plants.
  • Control environmental conditions.
  • Till, hoe, prune, weed, and harvest crops.
  • Clean, maintain, and repair tools.
  • Operate tractors, plows, combines, mowers, spayers, earthmoving equipment, and trucks.