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    Technically Speaking - Company Big Data, Security and Informational Safety
by Charles Morgan and Tim Muma - Aug, 2015
It's no secret that with all the information and technological advances in our society, that individuals and businesses alike are constantly in danger of having their private data stolen. Acxiom founder Charles Morgan, current CEO of PrivacyStar and author of "Matters of Life and Data," brings his unmatched experiences in the world of tech to discuss the concerns of data, security and safety in the information age. Charles exp...
    You Do What? - I'm a Presidential Speechwriter
by John Pollack and Tim Muma - Feb, 2015
While being a speechwriter isn't necessarily non-traditional, being one of the writers for the President of the United States definitely qualifies as rare. John Pollack is a former speechwriter for President Bill Clinton, and he fills Tim Muma in on the process of landing such a prestigious role, as well as the details that went into the position. John is also the author of "Shortcut" where he dives into the power of analogies...
    You Do What? - I'm a Defense Contractor for the Pentagon
by Ashley Stahl and Jenna Connour - Jan, 2015
For those who dream of a career in foreign policy or the government, a position with the Pentagon may be the ultimate dream job. In this episode of “You Do What?” Jenna Connour is joined by Ashley Stahl, who discusses her experience as a defense contractor for the Pentagon. Ashley is currently a career coach, professional speaker, and the founder of Ashley Stahl Coaching; but before pursuing her current career path, she served...
    Economy Class - February 2013 (Pt. 1)
by Kundan Kishor and Tim Muma - Feb, 2013
We're taking an in-depth look into the issues Americans are facing in this economy, trying to give people greater insight into these uncertain times. Macroeconomist and UW-Milwaukee economics professor, Kundan Kishor, discusses the role of the U.S. monetary policy and the different aspects that concern all of us in one way or another. Kundan also updates Tim Muma on the European crisis and its impact on the U.S., as well as a...
  Ask Not What You Can Do for the Government; Ask What the Government Can Do for Your Business
by Teena Rose - Jun, 2006
Women business owners are increasing substantially, and if they go through the proper channels there are several governmental organizations set up to play a support role in helping those companies thrive. But as many things associated with state and federal governments, a slow-moving bureaucracy can bog down by the process. One of the biggest boons for women-owned businesses came in 1999, when Congress passes legislation th...
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