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    Technically Speaking - Commercial Drone Usage
by Ernest Earon and Tim Muma - Nov, 2014
Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) appear poised to make a huge impact for commercial businesses in the near future; however, nearly all drone usage is still illegal as experts try to fight through legislation. Ernest Earon joins Tim Muma to talk about commercial drones, the positive components of UAVs for businesses, and what guidelines he sees being laid out. Ernest is the founder and president of PrecisionHawk, an org...
    Management Decisions - Southwest Airlines Unique Hiring Practices
by Julie Weber and Tim Muma - Oct, 2014
Southwest Airlines is recognized as having some unique hiring practices, and it certainly seems to be working. Southwest, the largest carrier in the US in terms of originating domestic passengers boarded, brings in around $17 billion annually. They say the success starts with the people they hire and how they find the talent. Julie Weber, vice president in the people department, joins Tim Muma to give him a look at Southwest's...
    I Want to Be an - Astronaut (Pt. 1)
by Rick Hauck and Tim Muma - Aug, 2013
The idea of becoming an astronaut has been a dream of countless kids with the draw of flight, space and "the unknown" right before your eyes. It's also an opportunity to help society and the country through research and discovery. Former NASA astronaut, Rick Hauck, joins Tim Muma to talk about this fascinating profession, filling us in on the path to becoming an astronaut, what it takes to succeed, and to describe some memorab...
    I Want to Be an - Aerospace Engineer (Pt. 1)
by Kim Hicks and Tim Muma - Jul, 2013
Before airplanes and spacecrafts take off, they are carefully designed, manufactured and tested to ensure optimal performance and safety. Aerospace engineers take on a variety of roles during this process from start to finish. Kim Hicks, a systems engineer with The Boeing Company, explains her role, describes what her day is like, and gives us the inside scoop on how to get into this important and valuable industry. Childre...
  Making a Case for Air Traffic Controllers Sleeping on the Job
by Marcia Robinson - Apr, 2011
There have been five reported incidents of air traffic controllers sleeping on the job in the last few weeks. Following the Reagan International Airport incident, air traffic controllers have been caught sleeping on the job at Reno-Tahoe airport, McGhee Tyson airport, Seattle International airport, Lubbock Preston Smith International airport and at a Miami regional radar facility providing area control services for Florida as...
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